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Functional Testing is system level , end-to-end testing of your app from a user's perspective. Automating the process of functional testing of your app offers several benefits – it saves time and effort, it's repeatable, simplifies regression testing, enables testing with large data sets and it can be tied into your Continuous Integration process. UI Automations is an automated functional test framework from Apple. Here, user interactions are driven by test scripts are written in JavaScript and executed using the Instruments Automation tool.

While there are several other automated functional test tools available including Calabash, KIF, Frank and Fone Monkey, UI Automations has the benefit that it is very simple to use, needs minimal or no changes to your existing app and since it's from Apple, it is (fairly) well supported and maintained.

I recently gave a talk on automated functional testing of iOS apps using UI Automations. You can download the presentation from this link. There is also a sample demo application with a corresponding set of UI Automation test scripts.

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