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I had an awesome time presenting on Mobile Development at Girl Develop It, Ann Arbor group. There was an incredible level of interest in this topic that explained the good turnout despite the stormy weather. 

The talk covered the basics of developing native apps for the iOS, Android and Windows platforms. In addition, an overview of some of the major cross-platform tools and frameworks including Appcelerator Titanium, Cordova PhoneGap and Xamarin Mono were provided. The talk also briefly addressed the concept of Responsive Web Design as it applies to mobile website and web apps.

You can download a copy of the talk from here and video of presentation is available on YouTube

Now a brief note on the evening itself : The topic of "Women in Technology" (or lack thereof) has always been an important to me and I am always looking for opportunities to help bridge the gender gap.

So it was encouraging to be speaking to an audience where women techies were in the majority (and a special shoutout to all the men who made it and showed their support to the group). Judging by the enthusiasm of the attendees, it is quite clear that women are just as curious and interested in technology as their male counterparts  I believe that a forum that allows women to learn without fear of being judged and network comfortably with fellow women techies can be vital in encouraging more women to join the rest of us.