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I recently gave a talk on Dynamic Fonts at Cocoaheads meeting. You can download the presentation and sample code from here.

iOS7 introduced a cool feature called Dynamic Fonts. What it essentially allows you to do is to set your preferred reading text size in Settings (General or Accessibility) app of your phone and voilà, all apps that support dynamic type automatically adjust to display text content according to the preferred size setting

In this post, I’ll go over what you would need to do to support dynamic type within your apps so that yours will be one of the cool apps that reacts to the preferred text size change!

UITextKit, Text Styles and Font Descriptors

iOS7 introduced UITextKit – a powerful framework that allows you to support rich text content, layouts and without the complexities of drawing it with Core Text or having to use UIWebView.
An important component of UITextKit is TextStyles. Text Styles describe an intended use of a font .

The table below shows the list of supported text styles and the font descriptors that define them for the case when we set the preferred text size slider settings to the center.

Text Styles
Font Descriptor
  NSCTFontUIUsageAttribute = UICTFontTextStyleHeadline;
NSFontNameAttribute = ".AppleSystemUIHeadline";
NSFontSizeAttribute = 17
UIFontTextStyleSubheadline (more…)