On my work, technology and related stuff....

Hi, I am Priya  Rajagopal- a software architect and developer. My current passion is mobile development. The notion of a customizable and powerful mobile computing platform in the palm of your hand (literally) is very exciting.  By day, I am a principal engineer at a  software development company  and I moonlight as an iOS developer, developing apps for the iPhone and iPad in my own time. I co-organize the local Mobile Monday meetup group and am active in the local mobile development community where I have the privilege of meeting and learning from some of the smartest minds in this area. 

Prior to mobile development, I worked on a wide range of technologies including IPTV, SocialTV, advanced advertising, network security, network management and traffic engineering. I have been fortunate to have worked on some cutting-edge technologies and have co-invented 21 U.S patents.

I am passionate about encouraging women to be involved in the field of computing and I hope that my work will inspire more women to join me. 

Why PriyaOnTech? I am not a blogger or a writer. But it occurred to me that there is tremendous value in sharing information, discussing issues and perspectives. In the digital era in which we live, PriyaOnTech seemed inevitable.